Tired Cvetka


Decorative pillow Tired Cvetka

“And here I am, together with you, waiting for the sleep to lull me into dreamland.”

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Izberite kakšno obliko oči želite, da ima vaš pujsek – okrogle oči ali s trepalnicami. Izbira je obvezna.

Now here’s a piglet that gives you all of its time and attention and waits for you wherever you leave it. Usually it is perfumed with etheric scent of lavender. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and lounging on the couch after dinner. You can put your piglet under your head, relax your neck muscles and start enjoying. Or you can hug it and squeeze it and instantly feel in a good company. You can also whisper all your secrets to it as it will keep them safe.

All piglets are made of skin friendly soft cotton terrycloth.
Accessories (ears, snout and inscriptions) are 100% cotton.
Filling: 100% polyester

cca. 40 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm

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Please bear in mind that, due to a different light exposure and photo processing, the colour of the actual product may slightly differ from those shown on the site. This decorative pillow Snuggle Bear is not a toy and is intended for decoration purposes and a pillow use only.

Handmade in Slovenia.