17 Apr, 2020

Preveri več

Did we decorate Easter eggs? Yes, we did! Did we cook Easter ham, bake potica and prepare horse radish? We did.

The gifts of the godfathers will have to wait a while. Unless they are delivered via delivery service. We do not know yet how we are going to have the food blessed but this too will be taken care of. It will probably take place over the TV screen.


My Easter delights

Of course, life with adaptations to a pandemic will catch its rhythm, but we won’t allow it to take certain things away from us. Such as celebrating Easter in the family circle.

I wish you a blessed Easter full of faith in good, hope and love. I wish you health and connection with all your loved ones, even if at a distance. But let this self-isolation pass so that we can socialize again. Have a nice holiday!

Let’s persevere and stay home for as long as necessary. And it will pass. We will slowly return to our daily routines with the desire to change things for the better.

Easter greetings to all,
Martina ?

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